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   Mediums working in our forthcoming services are as follows, but please note that Mediums may change without prior notice



Guest Medium

November 2017
Wednesday 29th 7.30pm Helena Smith
December 2017
Sunday 3rd 6.30 pm Robin Warner
Wednesday 6th 7.30pm Michael Redwin (EOC)
Sunday 10th 6.30 pm Brenda Hodgson - Carol Service
Wednesday 13th 7.30 pm Mark Digby - Carol Service (EOC)
Church Closed until 10th January 2018
January 2018
Wednesday 10th 6.30 pm

Keith Thompson (EOC)

Sunday 14th 6.30 pm Nicola Farmer
Wednesday 17th 7.30 pm Richard Baldwin (EOC)
Sunday 21st 6.30 pm Christine Argent
Wednesday 24th 7.30 pm Natalie Vickery (EOC)
Sunday 28th 6.30 pm Uwe de Rose
Wednesday 31st 7.30 pm Larry Featherstone
February 2018
Sunday 4th 6.30 pm Fleur Elliott
Wednesday 7th 7.30 pm James Argue (EOC)
Sunday 11th 6.30 pm Jenny Eldridge
Wednesday 14th 7.30 pm Adrian Passotti (EOC)
Sunday 18th 6.30 pm David Burley
Wednesday 21st 7.30 pm Chrissie King (EOC)
Sunday 25th 6.30 pm Karen Fuller
Wednesday 28th 7.30 pm Joyce Gobbet
March 2018
Sunday 4th 6.30 pm Carol Smith
Wednesday 7th 7.30 pm Mike Matthews (EOC)
Sunday 11th 6.30 pm Richard Harrington
Wednesday 14th 7.30 pm Alan Albiston (EOC)
Saturday 17th 11 am - 3 pm Spring Event with Private Readings
Sunday 18th 6.30 pm John Morrow
Wednesday 21st 7.30 pm Daphne Marshall
Sunday 25th 6.30 pm Michael Redwin
Wednesday 28th 7.30 pm Pauline Firks (EOC)
April 2018
Sunday 1st 6.30 pm Mark Digby
Wednesday 4th 7.30 pm June Piper (EOC)
Sunday 8th 6.30 pm Toni Jopson
Wednesday 11th 7.30 pm Sandie Savage (EOC)
Sunday 15th 6.30 pm Alan Albiston
Wednesday 18th 7.30 pm Brenda Hodgson
Saturday 21st 7.00 for 7.30pm Stephen Holbrook (Evening of Clairvoyance)
Sunday 22nd 6.30 pm Heather Cramer
Wednesday 25th 7.30 pm Robin Warner (EOC)
Sunday 29th 6.30 pm Elaine Jarrold
May 2018
Wednesday 2nd 7.30 pm Andy Mulligan (EOC spiritual artist)
Sunday 6th 6.30 pm Mick Humphries
Wednesday 9th 7.30 pm Helena Smith (EOC)
Sunday 13th 6.30 pm Pam Trott
Wednesday 16th 7.30 pm Sally Johnson (Charity EOC for Essex Air Ambulance)
Saturday 19th 11 am - 4 pm Alan Albiston - Workshop
Sunday 20th 6.30 pm Larry Featherstone
Wednesday 23rd 7.30 pm Sandy Walford
Sunday 27th 6.30 pm James Argue
Wednesday 30th 7.30 pm Uwe de Rose (EOC)
June 2018
Sunday 3rd 6.30 pm Jenny Eldridge
Wednesday 6th 7.30 pm Barry de Rose (Flower reading - bring a fresh flower you have picked yourself)
Sunday 10th 6.30 pm Nicola Farmer
Wednesday 13th 7.30 pm Maureen Hinton (EOC)
Sunday 17th 6.30 pm Penny Hayward
Wednesday 20th 7.30 pm Michael Redwin (EOC)
Sunday 24th 6.30 pm Mark Came
Wednesday 27th 7.30 pm Elaine Jarrold


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