PLEASE NOTE: The Church is currently only open for a Sunday Service from 6.15 pm although we will be having some Wednesday Evening of Clairvoyance (please see our Events Page for details).

Article 1

Life in the material world can be hard, some say, as hard as you make it? When you look at the daily newspapers, or watch the television, there seems to be only bad news – Poverty, Famine, Homelessness, Debt Problems etc. If we view life with a spiritual eye, and try to understand our reason for living this earthly life, we can then begin to realise all of these apparent global problems can really help us to look within ourselves, and help us to grow as Spiritual entities, all of us individuals walking the pathway of life.

When we grasp the idea of a Spiritual World, a World that we are all on a journey to, whether we know it or not, it will help us to live a richer, more fulfilled existence here in the Physical World, we can be more aware of our neighbours and understand the true blessings in our life.

Modern Spiritualism was born back in 1848, a mere 164 years ago in Hydsville New York State, Sisters, Kathleen and Margaret Fox started to hear raps and bangs around their home, they found that if they asked a question the rap would be one for no and two raps for yes. It was a crude but efficient form of Spirit Communication between the Spirit and the earth Worlds. A Man Called Charles B Rosna was the spirit who had made the raps and communication with the sisters, he told them that he had been murdered some years ago, and that his body was buried behind the walls of the house. After investigation it was found that indeed the earthly remains were behind the walls of the house which confirmed the Spirit Message was true. This was the first documented evidence of Spirit communication which is why it is called Modern Spiritualism. Spiritualist Mediums are sensitive to the spirit World and can relay messages from those who have physically died, but whose Spirit is alive and well in the place we call The Spirit World. Every time like minded individuals meet, there is a Celebration in the Spirit World of eternal Life.

Brentwood Spiritualist Church welcomes you to celebrate the fact of eternal life. We sincerely hope you will investigate and make your own mind up on the subject of Spirit.

Mark Digby

Article 2

The vast majority of us are told what to believe spiritually from an early age. I was brought up with the Church Of England. I was not given a choice but told – this is what you will follow. I was confirmed at the age of 14 after attending Bible Study for a number of weeks.  Even at that early age I did not feel comfortable, but I carried on because I had little or no choice.  I remember at the age of 18 attending Brentwood Spiritualist Church for a bit of a joke with some friends. We giggled as the people there sung Hymns with passion. I felt comfortable though and the people were very friendly and inspirational to me as a young man seeking Spirituality in a ever growing material world.  I felt that I had come Home.

Many other religious groups are judgmental and sceptical of Spiritualism, believing it to be the work of the Devil.  Spiritualism and its teachings have helped and supported many people at the lowest time in their life as when someone close has passed on it can leave a void and a emptiness that we have all experienced. Spiritualism has answered questions that orthodox Church find difficult to answer. There is no Death but only a peaceful transition into the World Of Spirit, where we will meet our loved ones who have gone before us. Rest assured you will be given a warm welcome at Brentwood Spiritualist Church and no one will question your personal beliefs.

Many years ago a very famous Medium by the name of Emma Hardinge Britain received from the Spirit world seven Principles to guide us in our daily life and if we try to live by these principles we will have a fulfilled existence, they are

The Fatherhood Of God
The Brotherhood Of Man
The Communion Of Spirits And The Ministry Of Angels
The Continuous Existence Of The Human Soul
Personal Responsibility
Compensation And Retribution For All Good And Evil Deeds Done On Earth
Eternal Progress Open To Every Human Soul
I am always drawn to the 7th Principle Eternal progress Open to every Human Soul; if we can recognise we are only human and we make mistakes in life; if however we can learn from those mistakes we are indeed on a pathway of personal unfoldment, each and every one of us.

I sincerely do hope that you decide what you personally believe and follow that. Be true to yourself always. God Bless You.

Mark Digby