PLEASE NOTE: The Church is currently only open for a Sunday Service from 6.15 pm although we will be having some Wednesday Evening of Clairvoyance (please see our Events Page for details).

It must be understood that healing is a gift from spirit realms and healers are inspired to find their own path which usually means finding a group such as ourselves. Becoming a Healer is a long process that requires dedication and commitment. It takes around   2 years before anyone invited into our group is allowed to work on their own, firstly sitting in the Church studying the working Healers and their methods, then working alongside an experienced Healer.

The method of healing depends on how the healer is inspired. Laying on of hands is one method of healing; the hands lightly touch the body. Some healers move their hands over the body while others may just rest their hand on the shoulder. Others may just put their hands over the affected part of the body. Some healers hover their hand up to 3” (75mm) above the body.

Everyone who wishes to receive healing is present in the church. Healing is carried out by the healers in front of everyone.

Anyone below the age of 18 requiring healing, written parental consent must be given. We prefer the parents to attend the healing session if possible.

We point out that spiritual healing provided in the Church is free and the healing channel does not receive any monetary reward. There is a collection box in the church during the healing service in which free will offerings are donated, these go towards the expenses for running the church.

In addition we devote a part of our normal Sunday and Wednesday Services to healing prayer and we also have a Healing Book in the Church in which any member of the congregation may enter the names of anyone for whom they wish thoughts and prayers of healing to be sent in the absent healing part of the Wednesday Healing Service.